An Analysis of Romania’s Production, Consumption and Trade with Wine Products

Abstract :

The vine culture and wine production are part of the Romanian people’s tradition, the winery products accompanying the domestic consumers along their entire life, in ordinary moments or at festive events. Romania has important natural resources, favouring the harvest of high-quality significant crops. The paper performs an analysis of the production, consumption and sale of wine, nationally and internationally. Romania occupies top positions in the top of wine producers on the European level, but it is not able to supply the domestic market with enough quantities, as there is an important deficit of the sales balance with winery products. The annual average wine consumption is low in Romania compared to other European states. The growth of domestic consumption may be done by promoting natural wine products and granting support to producers from the part of official bodies. The article may be useful for the Romanian vineyard owners and wine producers and for the academic milieu, for a better valorisation of natural resources, of traditions and specialised labour force available in Romania.