Application of New Methods to Efficiently Identify Talented Adults in the Framework of (Large) Companies

Abstract :

Scientific study discusses the applicability of the method CGS (Characteristics of Giftedness Scale) in the identification and screening of talented individuals within larger companies. CGS was created by Dr Linda Silverman in 1973 to identify talented children. Since then, the validity and reliability was proven on representative samples of the child population. The method, however, after minor adjustments can be adjusted appropriately for purposes for identification talented adults. In 2015, the adjusted method was subjected to research of usability on a sample of adult employees in a multinational company. Conclusions revealing its potential to become a crucial method for the identification and screening of talented individuals in large companies. It has potential to be in near future alternative to relatively expensive assessment centers in searching of talents within the organization or to be a suitable supplement. Furthermore, based on the researches from the years 2015 and 2016, the authors present new opportunities for the application of this method in the field of talent management for large companies. It was also identified a clear competitive advantage as a key element for organizations that choose to use this method in the long term.