Arrival Rate and Customer Reneging in Nigerian Commercial Banks: An Empirical Approach

Abstract :

The jeopardy of an organization having high arrival rate of customers in their banking hall is possibly the presence of long queues and overcrowding. This could discourage prospective customers from patronizing the bank. It could also discourage present customers from switching from one bank to the other where there will be less queues and better service delivery. The danger of keeping customers in a queue is that their waiting time may amount to be of disadvantage to customers. Previous academic research have hypothesized that the higher arrival rate of a bank’s queue system the more overcrowded the banking hall will be with customers. It becomes imperative therefore to examine in the Nigeria context the influence of’ arrival rate on students’ reneging in queuing system of the commercial banks in university environment. Quantitative approach was employed using the survey. simple random sampling techniques were adopted for this study. A total of 400 copies of questionnaire were administered to students that are customers of the four (4) commercial bank within covenant universitys, out of which only three hundred and eighty four (384) were retrieved and adjudged usable for the analysis . Descriptive and inferential statistical methods: Multiple Regression was used to analyse the data collected from the structured observation. Based on these findings and gaps it was recommended there is should be a Strategic mobilization of both human and computerized resource in order to facilitate the service rate in order to match high arrival of students during peak period.