Assessing the Impact of E-Service Quality on Customer Retention for E-Retailing in Malaysia

Abstract :

Customer satisfaction is one of the management’s main priorities in today’s business world as it leads to customer retention. To satisfy and retain the customers in the e-retailing, there is a need of offering quality services. Despite a good number of studies conducted on e-retailing in recent years, a very limited attention has paid towards e-services provided by the e-retailers in Malaysia. Keeping this in mind, this study aimed at identifying the determinants of e-service quality that may help to retain the Malaysian customers in e-retail business. This study has taken up the quantitative approach to achieve the research objectives. The survey approach helped to know the perception of the customers towards e-retailing. This study developed domains from the literature review to represent the key features of the research questions and to pose 26 the questions in a systematic manner. The study setting was in Klang Valley, Malaysia. The sample selected for this study is the customers who were willing to do e-retailing and the existing customers doing e-retailing of the products in Malaysia. Total 400 questionnaires were distributed among the respondents using random sampling technique. Structure equation modelling was employed for data analysis. This study was able to find three dimension representation of e-service quality which was found statistically significant. However, the variables were not enough to indicate the total gap of the research. Thus, this study suggests to analyze the dependent variable in future research with different other variables.