Assessment of the Housing Stock Condition as an Element for Estimating the Conditions for Human Capital Development in the Regions of the Russian Federation

Abstract :

The paper puts forward an improved method for evaluating the conditions for human capital development in the regions of the Russian Federation given the estimation of the housing facilities. Such estimation includes 22 individual indicators reflecting various abilities of man which appear during continuous improvement of health, housing, education and culture capital. The indicators measure deviations of the existing conditions for human capital formation and development in the RF regions from the best ones achieved in some other Russian region. The official statistics presented by the government bodies over the period of 2009-2013 serves as the information data-base for calculations. The research ends up defining the regions having the most and least favorable conditions in terms of human capital. A fact has also been revealed that if the quality of housing facilities is considered, the final values of an indicator worsen, on average, by 10-12 per cent. Based on the values of the assessed conditions for human capital development for the year 2013, the terri-torial units have been typologically grouped and five types of regions have been identified. Dynam-ic analysis of estimations has shown their growth in most regions in the period of 2009-2012 and a slight decline in 2013. Let us also notice the trend for convergence of the minimum and maximum values of the assessed condition for human capital formation and development in the regions. The level of estimation of the regions is diverse and, hence, when taking managerial decisions, it is nec-essary to consider not only the regions’ individual features but also focus on common development objectives of the country.