Camel Ratio Analysis of Banking Sector Share Price in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Abstract :

Financial crisis that occurred in United States (US) and Europe still has significant impact to Indonesia Stock Exchange, not least the banking sub-sector of financial sector. As one options of investment, banking performance as reflected in the financial ratios, observed sufficient investor. This study was conducted to analyze the influence of variables that represent the ratio of CAMEL on the stock price of banking listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange during period from 2005 to 2014. Based on the analysis and discussion in the previous chapters, it can be drawn some conclusions of research on CAMEL on share prices of banking, among others: From the SPSS to 7 independent variables (CAR, NPL, ROA, ROE NIM, OE, and LDR) shows that R Square = 0.567, which means 56.7% the price of shares to 11 banks can be explained by the variable.