Cultural Sector Personnel Management (Based On the Example of Music Department of Perm Children and Youth Art Center (Russia))

Abstract :

The article is concerned with the issues of managing the groups of creative people. The objective of the article is to review a personnel management system based on the example of Music Department of Perm Children and Youth Art Center (Russia). The most difficult key process in the management of any organization is human resource management. Effective personnel administration is a correctly and accurately built system using human resources in the organization. Provided the organization has an optimum number of qualified employees, such a system makes it possible for the organization to achieve set goals within the shortest possible time period and at minimum expense. The issues of personnel administration improvement under the conditions of increasing requirements to the quality of public administration seem to be especially critical; thus, the given aspect has determined the timeliness of the research topic. Based on the results of the music department personnel analysis on such criteria as education, qualification, and teaching experience, a project of activities targeted at the development of personnel management has been worked out and its efficiency has been evaluated. The main advantage of the cultural sector personnel management system proposed by the author of the article includes thoroughly developed recommendations for the personnel department with regard to recruiting candidates, as well as a performance reward system for the music department employees.