Delivering Inclusive Growth through Information and Communication Technologies: The Power of the Night Economy

Abstract :

The urgent need to promote the sustainable growth patterns across the world has driven various governments to make inclusive growth their top priority. This is evident in India’s 12th Five Year Plan and Europe’s Strategy 2020, where Inclusive Growth is stated as an emerging economic growth model. The importance of the concept of Inclusive Growth was also made evident to all when the United Nations Development Programme changed the name of her International Poverty Centre in Brasilia to International Policy Centre on Inclusive Growth. The power of ICT is one that has been argued to be a very fundamental medium of delivering inclusive growth. However, the night season has proven to be one of the most effective times of engaging in productive activities in an attempt to boost the pattern and pace of growth. This paper unveils the untapped potentials of the night economy in fostering inclusive growth through the use of ICT. This paper recommends that the night season is one of the most effective times of trade and the use of Information Communication Technologies helps to harness the potentials of the Night Economy.