Dichotomic Alternatives and Informational Statistics for Risk taking Manager

Abstract :

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate some simple algebraic and Informational Statistics techniques gives knowledge from different meetings and situation emerging from the process of Decision-Making. The first part is shaped as a more personal or colloquial approach using the Second-Order Cybernetic concept of Observer INSIDE the black/grey BOX of the process he studied. The component shows that the uncertainties created by the mystery of the decision-making depend by the doubts created by those chosen to decide and no-one else. It illustrates how combination of simple quantitative methods reveals hidden scenarios and deals with true and false money assignments. It is written like a play, and like a mathematical riddle. Utility for this approach is made for better understanding of what is next to come in the second part of the paper. The paper content also has results and comments of an original algorithm of factorial experiments and Informational Statistics combination, adding more information to find States Reference Indexes System.