Development and Validation of the Semi-Structured Interview Questionnaire of Congruence of Personal and Organizational Values

Abstract :

The dilemma of congruence of personal and organizational values prevailing in the studies fosters the new search for answers and ways to achieve the coherence of employees and the organization. The values congruence phenomenon is mostly investigated using quantitative approach. The quantitative employees’ surveys help to identify the gap between particular values of employee and organization, however do not highlight the reasons for this gap. Personality psychologists affirm, analyzing values only based on quantitative methods is extremely difficult, because it is possible to measure only the individual reactions to them and to identify trends. The qualitative methods can reveal not only the visible and rationally perceived aspects of different reactions and assessments, but also deeper underlying approaches that influent the reasons of occurring trends. Qualitative research a method allows to reveal latent causes arising from different experiences and practices of organizations. In terms qualitative approach the phenomenon of values congruence is not widely investigated. In order to obtain the necessary qualitative information, which helps to look at the values congruence phenomenon in organization in deeper way, a comprehensive questionnaire of congruence of personal and organizational values is designed. The expert evaluation of the quality of content of a newly designed interview questionnaire was carried out. The validity of the content of the developed interview questionnaire in the qualitative and quantitative approaches was carried out, invoking the group of six experts. Data of the expert evaluation (assessments, comments, observations and suggestions) was rationally used to adjust and prepare the final interview questionnaire for congruence of personal and organizational values. The final version of the questionnaire on the basis of results of the expert evaluation is presented in this paper. Interviews with managers would allow identifying and properly interpreting the obtained results of quantitative research.