Disregard of Islamic Taxonomy by Western Classification in Organization of Knowledge: An Empirical Study

Abstract :

Organization defined the act of forming or establishing something like an organization. It can also refer to a system of arrangement or order, or a structure for classifying things. Organization of knowledge for this research context is about the information organization designates a field of study related to Library and Information Science (LIS). In this meaning, the terms are related to any activities such as document description, indexing and classification performed in libraries, databases, archives etc. These activities are done by librarians, archivists, subject specialists as well as by computer algorithms. Organization of knowledge is concerned with the nature and quality of such knowledge organizing processes such as taxonomy and ontology as well as the knowledge organizing systems used to organize documents, document representations and concepts. This article is discussed about the importance of Islamic taxonomy as a guide for Islamic Information sources based in the Koran topics. Thus, the article is figured out some studies and previous interpretations relating to the challenges for Muslim librarians in doing classification for Islamic sources by referring to the most established western classification. Hence, the study may give some philosophies for future development to ensure the establishment of Islamic taxonomy in organizing Islamic sources and perhaps may investigate to what extend the Islamic countries to expand the existing classification schemes in generating Islamic classification scheme in accordance with specific needs.