Evaluation of the Use of Cloud Data Center

Abstract :

Rapid development of information technology has led to the introduction of new innovative forms of conducting business. One such innovative direction in the field of information and communication technologies is cloud computing. Cloud computing is widely used in all sectors of economic development. Today representatives of small and medium businesses and large corporations use cloud services. Cloud services development directs at the field of infrastructure, complex combination of infrastructure and software, as well as in the field of software applications. Due to the fast development and introduction of cloud services, there is transformation and modernization of the IT companies which are engaged in information processing. The paper analyzes the perspectives for the development of the cloud data-processing centers (DPC) market in Russia. Stages of modernization of the traditional data centers are considered. Assessment of growth rates of cloud services of data-processing centers is carried out. The main players of the Russian market are defined, the analysis of the main consumers of cloud services is made. In the research assessment of efficiency of use of cloud data-processing centers in comparison with services of traditional DPCs, on the basis of the price of cloud services and load of the centers is considered. According to the results of the analysis, recommendations on the use of cloud centers for companies are given.