Factors Influencing Alumni Donations at Malaysian Public Universities

Abstract :

This study aims to identify factors that influence the contribution made by the alumni members at Malaysian public universities in generating income for the university. Three main factors were investigated in this study namely demographic, student experience and institutional. The respondents consisted of 340 alumni members that graduated in 2014 convocation session. Survey questionnaire was used as the instrument to solve three research questions in order to determine the factors that affect the contribution of alumnus in generating the income for the universities. The respondents’ were randomly selected according to the selected Malaysian public universities. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics to get the frequency and percentage for each contribution factors. The results showed that both student experience and institutional factors contribute the most in generating income for the university whereas demographic factor showed moderate influenced on contribution by alumni. Future researches are suggested to add other factors such as personality year of graduation and assessment on the role of alumni to the university.