Information Requirements Related to Project Portfolio Management in Enterprise

Abstract :

Information requirements, understood as a collection of content (data, news, information) needed to carry out missions successfully and effectively as well as achieve company goals, improve its competitiveness and increase adaptability to today’s market conditions. The paper focused on identifying information requirements and shaping their importance in the process of the project portfolio management. Most of informational requirements related to basic information areas are well described and structured in the literature, nevertheless the development of information requirements of project organizations is a dynamic process with particularly difficult to grasp - formal frameworks. The specificity of work in a multi-task environment, determined by the uniqueness, complexity and specificity of the actions, indicates a flexible division of responsibility and considerable variability in access to specific data. An attempt to define information requirements related to project portfolio management in an enterprise is an initial step in the process of structural analysis and design of the early detection information system in the project implementation.