Making Connections: Knowledge Management and Innovation Capability A Proposal of a Theoretical Process

Abstract :

Purpose – This article seeks to clarify, through a global approch, the role of knowledge management process in the collective competence as an aid to improve group competence. The article tries to identify the nature of the relation of knowledge management and organizational learning  as well as their strategic perspectives.Design/methodology/approach – The methodology used is the literature research .Finding: In this rapid change of the organisational environment, many firms are trying to survive . Achieving hight innovation capability has been regarded as one of the strategic means of archiving long-term organizational success. Therefore, firms need to adapt and update  the behavior  and competence of group work. However, without organizational learning, one organizational cannot develop  knowledge in its management practices . More specifically, collective competence can promote  innovation capability only if a business accomplishes  knowledge management process.Originality/value – This paper highlights  organizational learning as a coordinating mechanism between Knowledge management and collective competence, which facilitates the transformation of group knowledge to collective competence. Hence, knowledge management is presented as an important input, organizational learning  ( exploration and exploitation learning) , collective competence as keys process, and innovation capability as a critical output.