Manipulation and Risk in the TV Commercial at Sweets for Childrens

Abstract :

The paper presents the forms and ways of manipulating children by television advertising at the sweets. Children are exposed daily to a lot of advertisings (ads) that cause them to have unhealthy eating habits. In this direction, the paper aims first of all to identify the framing of these types of advertising in a risk identification methodology for a certain manipulation level. In turn, the handling techniques presented in this research use the descriptive method by analyzing the connections which the ad is calling, so that it fits in the minds of the children and awakens the appetite of delicious sweets. More and more studies reveal, there is a direct conection between obesity and TV commercials, when the advertising presents children various ads for more or less healthy sweets. Foods are high in calories, with a high content of saturated sugars and fats. According to the World Health Organization, in Romania one child out of two is struggling with overweight.