Mobile Money for Micro-Scale Business? The Role of Attitude, Perceived Credibility, Self-Efficacy, and Perceived Security

Abstract :

Mobile money is a financial service that is used to make a payment and money transfer among users – customer to customers, business to customers, or customers to business – using a mobile phone. This technology is popular in African countries and some Asian countries. In Indonesia, this mobile money has been introduced, both by bank and telecommunication industries since 2011. This study aims to measure factors to influence micro-scale business owners to use mobile money for business transactions. Predictors variables are applied including perceived security, perceived credibility, self-efficacy, and attitude towards the concept of mobile money. This study involved 181 micro-scale business owners in Jakarta. Data was analysed using exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses as well as structural equation model. The result showed that only perceived credibility and self-efficacy had a significant impact on behavioural intention to use mobile money. Two alternative models are examined. Mobile money is appropriate for micro-scale businesses in Indonesia with a condition.