Modern Technology and Internet Use in Learning in the Czech Population

Abstract :

The objective of the current study was to investigate the use of modern technology (i.e., computer, laptop, or tablet) and the internet (i.e., Moodle, Elportal, e-learning and online interactive programs, YouTube, Google or Seznam, etc.) in learning in the Czech population. The research instrument consisted of a self-rate questionnaire developed by the author. The sample consisted of 1,008 participants selected according to gender, age, education, and region of residence to represent the Czech population. The sample scored average in terms of modern technology and internet use while learning. This trend was considerably lower the higher the age, regardless education level. Moreover, females used printed study materials more often than males. The relationship between the use of modern technology, internet, and preferred form of study materials were further examined with selected variables, i.e., gender, age, education level achieved, size of place of residence, region, and economic activity.