Organizational Culture Role in Operational Risk Management

Abstract :

Developing a performant company, must have as a main preoccupation the employee. Integrating the employees in a proper work environment, where each person is feeling motivated and inspired to do all effort to fulfill all working tasks, to demonstrate abilities and capacity to evolve in the same time with the company, must be key elements for executive management. These are connected to the scope of developing a solid organizational culture.. Although, in every company occur the inherent risks related to the activity and in this paper we shall refer to operational risks having in the middle the human factor. Therefore, the management must do all effort to prevent and control these risks, by using in the first line, the instruments situated in the proximity, which could lead to a normal activity course for the company. Organizational culture is an important support element for risk management in every company. Using the rules that could be settled through organizational culture, the company is reducing significantly the possibility of occurring of operational risk related to human factor.