The participatory process approach using and building Open Education Resources. The case of Learning University Network at UNAM, Mexico.

Abstract :

While the last decades, teachers from all levels have faced the challenge to integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools into their teaching process. Nowadays, there are a myriad of virtual learning objects, educational platforms, interactive systems and many other Open Learning Resources. Despite the ICT's widespread, not all the technologies are well fitted to address the learning objectives; therefore, it is urgent to develop, to give structure, and to formalize educative resources that support needs of the teaching and learning process.

Nevertheless, not all of them responds to the specific courses requirements; in consequence, Learning University Network (RUA) processes have been developed to assemble, to organize and to formalize those Open Educational Resources with unified criteria; in order to support and recognize educative necessities throughout teaching and learning processes. Here, it is showed the system and participatory mechanisms to encourage the National Autonomous University of Mexico members to collaborate and build resources that aim to solve the educational needs in the whole process. The aim includes the RUA's evaluation and implementation in the classrooms.