Performance of Government-Linked Companies Intervention on Value Creation through Management Accounting Practices Perspective

Abstract :

Government-linked companies (GLCs) are today the key players in the economy, what we are seeing here are dynamic firms (GLCs) maintaining their performance as the top companies in the development of Malaysian economy. The transition of the new worldwide business atmosphere on GLCs has prompted changes to their strategies, such as competition, marketing, dynamic capabilities, innovation and technology adoption, which subsequently has major effects on the organization s performance. GLCs are expected by government to achieve their sustainability growth and improve competitiveness in the global market. Despite numerous efforts by the government to improve GLC performances, there are still many GLCs that have failed to perform according to expectations. Consequently, GLCs are unable to achieve the targeted objectives that could steer their business performances since GLCs are a part of national development. Value creation can improve GLC s per share, being strongly competitive, and ensure a high level of operational effectiveness.