Personnel Management on the Example of Selected National Parks in Germany

Abstract :

The primary importance of developing the tourism industry in the national parks in the 21st century, significantly targeted at sustainable development and it is a convenient combination of environmental protection, economic development and the creation of social welfare for visitors who increasingly choose for your visit between competing hiking opportunities the field offers. The aim of this article is to compare the management of national parks in Germany. For a detailed analysis, I chose four national parks, which were created at different times of historical development.In this study it was necessary to study history of the creation of protected areas and national parks in Germany. We selected four specific National Parks, where we carried out an analysis. We studied various attributes of the selected parks and literature about them. We found out their specific condition, in which differ from other parks and make them interesting. It was also done in selected areas of a survey, which examined primarily social attributes of management and selected values subjected to a series of analytical methods. The aim was to determine the pros and cons of personnel management, to control individual governments and their development from the perspectives of selected factors.When comparing individual selected parameters within our case studies, it is clear that in terms of the management of the organization chart, each message very similar regardless of whether they belong to newer or older national parks. Similarly, on a comparison parameter percent of graduates employed population, which is also very similar. When comparing the total number of employed persons in the administrations of the national parks and the average monthly salary it is evident that the highest salary paid to employees, which is the lowest number of employees, but for visitors the most attractive national park (according to the annual number of visitors). In conclusion, the creation of national parks in Germany is slightly more modern process or trend. Structure and crystallization of individual administrations and its management based on the same assumptions, and therefore cannot significantly differ from the others. In the framework of selective values of the parameters are very similar and at the same time find the values that each park differ from one another depending on local conditions and factors.