Possibilities of Dynamic Biometrics for Authentication and the Best Choice to Use Them for Business Purposes

Abstract :

The new information technologies alongside its benefits also brings new dangers. Dangers of online services are growing in terms of attacks faced and their volume. One of the possible solution to these threats will be changing how online communication services can authenticate users. For this cause the main aim of this paper is to provide a complete information about the most natural biometric authentication methods. Recent years discussions about the use of biometric methods, which in the case of their static form, still contain significant execution risk of accepting spurious persons based on the stolen or fraudulent (counterfeit) biometric information (fake fingerprint, iris image, etc.). Hence in light of the listed reasons, the focus has shifted on the dynamic biometric methods based on the human expressions, such as voice analysis, dynamics of pressing computer keys, mouse movements, our screen touch dynamics, walk or handwritten signature.

It is difficult to decide which authentication tool to use and implement in information systems and electronic documents. The final decision have to compromise among the facts that it faces several conflicting requirements: highly secure tool, to be a user friendly and user simplicity method, ensure protection against errors and failures of users, speed of authentication and provide these features for a reasonable price. For this cause the paper argues one of the most natural biometric authentication methods: the dynamic biometric signature (DBS).