Principles of Managerial Work in the Hotel Industry

Abstract :

Making use of quality human resources, including managers at all levels of management, is a way to gain the competitive advantage of a hotel or a hotel chain regarding its competitors. The authors of this article surveyd views on selected management principles that influence the quality of their work in meeting the organization's goals. The method of research was a questionnaire survey conducted between hotel and hotel chain managers. The research dealt with the assessment of their opinions on the importance of selected management principles. In the case of key variables, statistical methods of dependency testing have been applied to allow validation or disproving the established hypotheses. The research results show that hotel and hotel chain managers in the Czech Republic determined the "customer orientation" and "result orientation" as the most important managerial principles. The "fairness and commitment to ethical values" and the "commitment to a company " were considered as the least important principles. The research confirmed that good relationships and loyalty of customers, alternatively loyalty to a hotel or hotel chain bring results indirectly. The "dependence of assessment the significance of managerial principles on management level, age, and expertise of managers" was confirmed. No dependence was proven in the "gender and attained education attainment of managers, as well as in the "classification and size" of the hotel or hotel chain in which the managers work.