Protection of Foreign Investment in Slovakia

Abstract :

Globalization enables the development of international investment relations and provides for the movement of capital. The protection of the rights of investors is also connected with the development of international investment relations. The rights of investors in Slovakia are protected on the basis of the Commercial Code, bilateral investment agreements, legal regulations of the European Union as well as the international conventions of international organizations that have been acceded to by the Slovak Republic. The main players in globalization are mainly transnational companies, as well as entities active in the field of the health sector. The health insurances ensuring the obligatory health insurance in Slovakia have their legal form of joint stock companies and at present there are three health insurances active in Slovakia. With the aim of improvement and increasing of the effectiveness of health care of citizens, in 2012 the Government of the Slovak Republic prepared a unitary system of health insurance characterized by the existence of one single health insurance. The Government of the Slovak Republic intended to agree to the administration of health insurance (the insurance estate) or to the repurchase of the shares of private health insurances or stipulated assets, or to expropriation. This thesis analyzes in a broader context the process of preparation for the introduction of a mechanism of a unitary system of health insurance and points out the liability of the State for fulfillment of its international obligations in connection with bilateral investment relationships. (243 Slov)