Quality of E-government Services in Oman: A Perspective of E-government Services Providers

Abstract :

Governments are continuously working on improving their e-services delivery in order to serve citizens, other governments and businesses at the most effective and efficient manner. At the same time there is an extensive number of studies concerning the evaluation and assessment of e-services to improve users/citizen satisfaction with regards to e-government services. The purpose of this paper is to study the e-government services quality factors that are of key importance from the viewpoint of e-service providers in the sultanate of oman and what procedures followed in measuring service quality to ensure users’ satisfaction. The study is based on six most important quality factors (personalization, performance, usability, and security, users’ involvement, and web design) where about a qualitative content analysis approach was followed to e-service providers’ view of quality and how it is measured. The analysis of the in depth interviews and the application of content analysis categorized the perspective of the e-service providers into three main categories: e-transformation strategy, technical requirements, and citizen’s participation.