Questions of Safety of Mobile Banking in Russian Financial Institutions

Abstract :

The development and realization of information technology contributed to the formation of a new type of economy – informational one. New channels of interaction between clients and organizations were caused the introduction and expansion of information and communication technologies; such as Internet banking and mobile banking have appeared in the bank sphere. The development of appropriate hardware and software in the field of mobile communications has led to a sharp increase in clients in the sphere of mobile banking. This paper discusses the basic tendencies of advancement of remote banking in the Russian Federation's financial institutions. The assessment of criteria on the basis of which mobile banking applications are programed is carried out, the hierarchy of criteria to which mobile applications have to satisfy is created. The analysis of the existing mobile banking applications in the Russian financial institutions is conducted. The most common operating systems for mobile applications are considered. The research results of volumes of thievery through mobile banking applications are given. The main forms of hacking of mobile banking applications are considered. Based on the carried-out analysis, a conclusion was drawn about the necessity of revision the concept of designing mobile banking applications in the direction of providing greater security.