Selected Determinants of Educational Communication in A Multicultural Society

Abstract :

The paper focuses on determinants of educational communication in a multicultural society, resulting in the application of Lasswell´s communication model. The communication determinants are being analyzed in different parts of the world in connection with educational processes realized in a multicultural society.

For an overview, the paper analyzes the entire components of Lasswell´s communication model, putting the emphasis on the side of the recipient of the message. This area is fragmented and the most problematic. It is also related to the recipients are equipped with tangible didactic tools differently in various parts of the world, and, logically, have consequent different skills at handling them.

Moreover, in some parts of the world, there is a digital divide, which not only restricts the use of modern forms of electronic communication, but even prevents directly their use in education. Some forms of education are, in fact, impracticable in those areas, e.g. E-learning.

Existent cultural differences can also cause problems in everyday communication and thereby hamper the optimal progress of educational processes.

Together, these determinants impede the work of teachers, placing high demands not only on their expert knowledge, but especially on their orientation in a multicultural environment, their suitable communication and their best control of the latter.