Selection and Justification of Priorities of Innovative Development of an Industrial Region

Abstract :

The relevance of the problem is related to the need to resolve the contradictions between increasing investment in formation of innovation infrastructure and the results achieved. The low level of competitiveness of a larger share of domestic products does not allow them to compete not only on external, but often in the domestic market.

The aim of the research is to develop approaches to selection of priorities for innovative development from the point of view of the regional economy, a special emphasis is placed on the fact that for sustainable regional development it is necessary to "complicate" the economy and increase the level of its diversification.

The paper employed the statistical methods of research, optimization methods, production functions.

Results: there had been developed the models, according to which the priorities of innovative development in the Chelyabinsk region were calculated

Key conclusions: for the successful development of innovation in industrial regions, it is necessary to create a regional register of industrial technologies, when choosing priorities for innovative development, it is reasonable to proceed from the criterion of economic complexity of the region.