Statistical Analysis of Pensions and Incomes of Old Generation in Russia and Tomsk Region

Abstract :

In the article the results of statistical analysis of pensions and incomes of old generation of Russia and Tomsk Region are presented. We investigate the differentiation of the average pension and the income of the elderly, caused by such factors as area of residence and gender. The analysis shows that the current pension system in Russia at the level of regions of Russia can be characterized as egalitarian. Differences in the average size of pensions and their ratio to the cost of living between regions of Russia (regions of the Siberian Federal District as an example) were revealed, but the differences between leading regions and region-outsiders does not exceed 27% in 2015. The average monthly pension of male in Russia is slightly higher than that of women. Our research confirms this thesis and shows statistically significant differences in the average income of elderly people by gender in Tomsk region. Statistically significant is the excess of income of retired men over women income in most surveyed areas of Tomsk region. The results of our study may be implemented to improve public care and social support of pensioners in Russian Federation and its regions in difficult economic situation. It is necessary to keep the current level of pensions to the subsistence minimum ratio, which fell slightly in 2015. We hope that the indexation of pensions in 2016 will increase its real value. On the other hand it is necessary to take into account the revealed differences in pensions and income by gender.