Structural Changes of Czech Agriculture and the Impact of These on Inner Foodstuffs Self-sufficiency of Czech Republic

Abstract :

The paper analyzes long-term development tendencies of Czech agriculture´ s efficiency and the impact of these upon self-sufficiency of Czech Republic in basic agricultural commodities production. It is aimed at an analysis of the development of selected natural indicators, such as land resources, areas sown, crop production, livestock numbers and livestock production. Applying advanced statistical methods from time series domain the long-term development tendencies have been described and modeled and future development forecasts set up. The solution connects to accessible EuroStat and Czech Statistical Office data sources. Data analyzed have further on been applied in statistical modeling of the balance of agricultural production and foodstuffs self-sufficiency. In context with new rules of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Czech agricultural producers have moved to a new framework of subsidies. Even in spite of good nature and climate conditions of Czech rural landscape they have not so far succeded to reverse or at least mitigate the decline of economically demanding commodities domestic production.