Supply Chain Integration in the Retail Stores of Pakistan

Abstract :

Supply chain integration is a complicated process of transformation. System integration is a long journey which should be broken down into manageable objectives and goals such that the overall direction and task sight isn’t lost. In order to obtain integration, organizations should first focus on the major issues present in their internal supply chain. After analysis, internal supply chain should reconcile with that of customers and suppliers, who must be having significantly different goals and objectives. In reality, organizations operate in a form of network not chain so integration of supply chain must bring about linkage and alignment with multiple suppliers and customers concurrently. Along with the dedication, vision and persistence, it is necessary to collaborate with the technology in order to get the over sight of the intra and inter organization’s process for making and preserving progress in such competitive business environment. For doing so, this paper discusses three different frameworks and suggests the best. Also, it highlights some of the major problems which occur during the process of integration by closely analyzing process of supply chains.