The Aspects of Formation and Development of Possessory Risk Management Systems of Organization in the Russian Economy

Abstract :

The study investigates the impact of the ongoing financial crisis, started in the 2nd half of 2014, on marketing budgets spent by FMCG companies. In these conditions the special importance is given to  efficient possessory risk management systems. The main objective for establishing and developing possessory risk management systems for FMCG companies in crisis is to analyze the data about external environment and consumer behavior in a crisis. Another important objective for possessory risk management systems for all types of trade companies and retail chains in Russian economy is to develop measures and mechanisms to maintain and stimulate sales. In this regard analysis of risks and threats which consumers define as main reasons affecting their level of consumption become important. It is obvious that in crisis conditions the effective risk management systems responsible for development and implementation of strategies for stimulation of stability, as well as the identification, analysis, assessment and management of other types of risks of economic security will be the key to sustainability of a company. In terms of financial and economic crisis, the problem of forming and developing possessory risk management systems becomes critical for all the companies operating in retail sector of the Russian economy. This study attempts to analyze the specifics of formation and development of possessory risk management systems. In the modern economy, special importance among all the types of owner’s risks has the risk of reduction in business activity. This type of risk is common for all types of trade companies in Russian economy. Study of business activity decline is especially important for Russian retail chains. In this regard, it is especially important to form and develop possessory risk management systems for all types of trade companies. The authors offer interpretation of the process of forming and modernization possessory risk management systems within possessory management models of FMCG companies as well as in Russian economy in general. Proposed methods and mechanisms can be interesting for researchers of problems of consumer goods market development in Russia and overseas.