The Main Barriers of Accessing EU Structural Funds in Romania

Abstract :

Romania’s adherence to the European Union is considered by many to be a great opportunity for the development of this country. One major benefit of this process is the availability of significant financial resources for different measures and actions aimed at developing the country economically and socially. Based on the partnership agreement with the European Commission, these funds are available for both the private and the public sector. In this context, the current paper focused on the most important barriers that Romanian entrepreneurs are faced with in the process of writing, implementing and reporting an EU-funded project. The research included the evolution of perspectives on this topic from 2012 to 2016 and also included an analysis of the impact on these accession barriers on the general interest of Romanian entrepreneurs to use this form of financing. The results highlight the need of a significantly better management of these funds from a bureaucratic point of view as some barriers have had an increasing rate of occurrence and significantly affect the general interest of entrepreneurs in this financing form.