A Survey on Internet Usage by Young Housewives in Klang Valley

Abstract :

With the fast rate of technology adoption, many researches are conducted targeted at assessing the impact of internet use and dependency by users. Many studies have been conducted globally and include countries such as in Korea, Japan, United States, India, United Kingdom, and Middle East. Each of the studies have revealed some similarities and differences in their findings. This is partly due to cultural and social differences of these countries. Following that, a specific study to understand the situation of Internet Addiction in Malaysia, particularly of specific segments is important to advocate targeted recommendations or solution. This research aims to patch a gap between the existing researches by focusing on internet overuse among young housewives in Klang Valley. Specifically, it hoped to study the usage pattern by young homemakers in Klang Valley. The key concept in understanding internet dependency is based on the popular research by Dr Kimberly Young. It is specifically used in developing the assessment tool used in this research.