Accounting and Finance topics of interest Corporate Finance and Governance Risk management system application efficiency on enterprise.

Abstract :

In present risk management systems on enterprise a “risk matrix” applies, that is allowing to set an enterprise up in a system of coordinates of discrete variable.  Chosen for managerial efficiency characteristic . At this matter of issue it is an extent of risk losses and a probability of risk .In this connection it is allowed to select arias of risk on its extent of acceptability for enterprise .A control problem is to improve an enterprise position “to move “it from the less acceptable risk area to the more acceptable risk area (For example, from the high risk area to the average risk area or to the low risk area). Standing on a distant position in concerned system of coordinates , an enterprise sustains losses from risks realization, movement in the system of coordinates from the “the worst to the best” issues “changes of positioning expenditures allows to estimate efficiency of risk management of certain enterprise ,to compare efficiency of enterprise management.