Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Instructors’ Acceptance of h-Learning

Abstract :

This paper reports on confirmatory studies aim at identifying and measuring the factors affecting hybrid e-learning (h-learning) acceptance and adoption by instructors. The confirmatory studies are based on the responses of 606 instructors to an online survey. Instructors came from 30 countries to work in the United Arab Emirates’ universities which provide a diverse environment of different cultures, backgrounds, and ICT skills. The factors validated in this study are: Instructor Self-Efficacy (ISE), Perceived Learner Benefits (PLB), Instructor’s Attitude towards ICT (IAIT), Instructor’s Attitude towards technical Support (IATS), and h-Learning Acceptance (HLA) by instructors. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), facilitated by LISREL 8.8, is used to test five measurement models represent the five factors. Results of the confirmatory studies identified the reliable and validated indicators of each factor leading to a validated survey instrument that is highly reliable to be used in further studies. Results also showed that ISE and PLB are highly correlated to HLA.