Data Driven Decision Making In Public Administration: Evidence from Health Sectors of Two Countries -Ghana and Turkey

Abstract :

Making decisions using variety of model- or data-driven managerial support systems has become critically important not only for private sector but also for policy and decision makers in public administration. In fact, there is an increased tendency of transition in the area of public management to `managing through analytics`in most of the developed countries.  However, developing countries can still be considered at an evolving stage in that respect, hence they are indeedbehind the progress as far as data-driven decision making is concerned.The current literature lacks research on detailed examination of developing countries with respect to the maturity levels in adapting data-driven based solutions in their public-related services. Therefore, the aim of this paper has two folds. First is to identify the main dimensions of data-driven decision making within the context of public administration. Second is to look into the current status and future outlook of selected developing countries via taking into account these dimensions. To achieve these aims, this paper conducts a thorough literature research in identifying the main pillars of data-driven decision making via focusing on the areas such as decision and data analytics and public decision environment.