Destination Image and Place Attachment on Car Free Day Events Revisit Intention: A Gender Perspective

Abstract :

Car-Free Day (CFD) events are organised in many cities across the world for some purposes, to decrease level of pollutions and traffic congestion. In cities in Indonesia, the CFD event is also designed for other activities, such as sport, social, and profit and non-profit marketing activities. This study aims to measure the impact of destination image on place attachment and intention to revisit CFD events. In addition, the study aims to see results with a gender perspective. Data was collected in two places, Jakarta and Bekasi, Indonesia. Participants were CFD visitors who were approached conveniently. A self-administered survey attracted 285 participants. Data was analysed using exploratory factor analysis and structural equation model. In general, this study found that destination image significantly impacted place attachment and revisit intention, and place attachment significantly impacted revisit intention. There are some different results between male and female participants. Recommendation for future studies and practitioners are discussed.