Factors Influencing Career Choice: Empirical Investigation from Business Students

Abstract :

The fast pace of globalization and emergence of new disciplines have provided broad range of career options to the students entering into the professional education; likewise for the academic institutions and universities it has become important to understand the preferences of their potential customers to align their curriculum and offerings to best match the potential customers expectations. The intention of the students to select a particular career and discipline is influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The objective of this empirical study was to examine the factors that influence the career selection choice of the student. The survey method was adopted to get the responses from 120 students of BBA/MBA who are enrolled in the universities at Karachi. The result of the survey was analyzed using SPSS. The study result revealed that “Interest in the subject” is the most Influential variable for the graduates in choosing career option, while financial outcome and future job opportunities are less significant and have minor impact. The study results are indicative of the importance of students counseling sessions and other interventions to provide the students updated knowledge, and information to create their interest in the right choices and available options.