Experimental Plans of Risk Avoiding Manager

Abstract :

Using the title that was chosen above, it is a very ambitious project and I am aware that needs a lot of work to justice it. This paper will highlight analogies between second order cybernetics and Pierce’s semiotics concepts applied to management techniques using quantitative methods under the umbrella of Informational Statistics.
If we understand the Business Environment as a Semiotic Space, it looks like a multi-attribute living system revealing the life of existing or new developed signs, perceiving interpretation to accommodate yourself in this living (viable) space. As a Semiotic Space, the Business Room’ noise, clamor like a sign, so easily to identify if you were there as visitor only one time. Defining noise: anything from the environment that does not exceed the everyday level of clamor and do not alert any single or multiple sensation requesting recognition as sign. Defining Sign: anything that can be recognized, calls, signals, shapes, drawings, human beings as “signs for ourselves”. Is used to map out systematised opinions or real life situations, reports, other marketing management documents. Here we follow his concepts and procedures. Just to see what outcomes one gets.