Public Relations and Organizational Innovation: An Assessment of MTN Group Limited

Abstract :

This study examined how the practice of public relations has enhanced the organizational innovation of MTN. The nature of business has greatly evolved in the 21st century. Not only has the advent of technology made new products and services available, fierce competition among similar brands has also offered customers a wide variety of choices. In an industry where cutting edge technology is readily available, good services is no longer enough reason for customers to remain loyal to a brand. This brings to the fore the importance of relationship building. Public relations refers to all the activities that an organization engages in to establish, build and maintain mutual understanding with its relevant stakeholders. The study, therefore, examined the public relations activities of MTN over a period of five years. This paper adopted the methodological approach of reviewing published MTN annual reports from 2011 to 2015. Statistical analysis was drawn up on the company’s practice of corporate social responsibility, customer relations and staff welfare. The findings revealed MTN’s level of involvement in public relations and linked the company’s openness to the public to its level of innovation. The paper recommended that more effort and fund should be invested in public relations in order to make the public the driving force of the innovation process.