Quality Management of Logistics Processes in the Context of Methodology of the TQM System

Abstract :

Purpose: The goal is to study the activities for managing the quality of logistics processes in the context of universal responsibility for quality, taking into account the content of logistics processes and the components of the logistics system of an enterprise, as well as the principles, functions and methods of implementing the activities for quality management of logistics processes.

Design/methodology/approach: In compliance with the concept of processual approach, which determines the need for managing the chains of interrelated processes, the paper formulates the main provisions for quality management of logistics processes and specifies the concept of logistics process quality, the provision of which permits the creation and maintenance of conditions for organization of industrial processes.

Findings: The need for developing the methods and tools of functioning determines the formation of the mechanism of logistics process quality management as a component of the quality management system, including: 1) the procedures and processes of monitoring the conditions of the industrial environment, diagnostics of current parameters of logistic processes and preventing the causes of deviations; 2) the identification of reciprocal responsibility for the quality of logistics and industrial processes between all workers of an enterprise.

Originality/value: The developed algorithm of the quality management of logistics processes makes it possible to streamline the implementation of logistic activities by setting a clear sequence of management actions in consideration of production stages, which implies the need for constant enhancement of logistics processes and improvement of their quality.