Economies and Business Development Strategies – Global versus National Approach

25-26 April 2018, Milan, Italy

Session Chair

Associate Professor Beata Ślusarczyk,
Czestochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Management, Poland
North-West University, Faculty of Economic Sciences and IT, South Africa


Dear colleagues,

We cordially invite you to take part in the special topic session “Economies and Business Development Strategies – Global versus National Approach” within 31st IBIMA Conference.

The topics include current trends in the functioning of economies and businesses, as a guiding theme, confronting global and national approaches to development strategies. 

Participation in the session will be an opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences of participants, present research and establish new cooperation networks between scientists and higher education centers from different countries. No doubt, the initiated ideas during the conference may become the beginning of interesting and fruitful international projects.

"Global versus National Approach" theme, listed in the topic of the session does not mean a negative confrontation, but the chance to take advantage of the opportunities for development of economies and enterprises, which give potentially extreme phenomena.

Topics of interest within the special session:

  • Economic protectionism of the state
  • Industrial policy as a tool for strengthening economies and domestic enterprises
  • National Employment markets in time of migration increase
  • Local Economic Development as a chance for smooth globalization
  • Strategies of international expansion enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe and local development
  • CSR  - vogue  or business management tool
  • The impact of innovation on global and local development of enterprises
  • Globalization as a chance or threat for family business development
  • Socioeconomic intra-regional collaboration development
  • Cultural management in global and regional scale


Interested academics and practitioners are invited to submit:

  • Research papers: complete papers (5000 words max.) with complete references section. 
  • Short papers: research in progress or draft of papers for possible co-authorship (max. 5 pages or 1500 words) 

Detailed information about Conference is available at


Conference registration fee includes all the following:

  • 31st IBIMA Conference proceedings in an electronic format on an Official IBIMA USB. 
  • Classification of IBIMA Proceedings in the Library of the USA Congress. ISBN: 978-0-9998551-0-2
  • Attending all conference sessions, workshops, and/or tutorials
  • All lunches, coffee breaks and networking activities.
  • Filling and classifying work after the conference activities to prepare the 31st IBIMA proceedings for indexing at major indexes including Thomson Reuters (ISI) and Scopus.

Registration Fee   

  • Regular registration: US $585 (max 2 papers with this fee, $195 for each additional paper) per same participant
  • Student registration: US $385 first paper, ($195 for second paper) per same participant (students can have max. of only 2 papers)
  • Virtual registration: US $295 first paper ($195 for each additional paper for the same registered author)
  • Non Author: US $385  

* Papers can be written by co-authors. If two authors write a paper and both want to attend the conference. One author pay regular fee ($585) and the 2nd author pay only $385 (the reduced fee regardless of the status of the author).



Papers should be sent directly to special session Chair – Prof. Beata Ślusarczyk.

  • Abstract / Short Papers / Virtual Presentation Submission deadline28 February 2018

Notification of Acceptance: Within 2-3 week from submission date (in most cases)

Please note that the editorial board reserves the right to reject the articles not meeting the requirements and standards (either in the content or form).


CONTACTS of the Special Session:


Beata Ślusarczyk




Czestochowa University of Technology,
Faculty of Management,
Armii Krajowej 19 B,
42-200 Częstochowa