What Activities Do Happy People Prefer to Devote their Energy to?

Abstract :

Quality of life, well-being, happiness, contentment, etc. are the terms currently frequented in numerous social surveys. The theorists endeavour not only to find clear-cut definitions of them and identify how those positive feelings come to existence and evolve, but also what those feelings result in. Happiness seems to be an energizing force; it fosters activity and creativity. The paper presents the first-order results of the survey focused on the relationship between subjective feeling of happiness and the activities to which happy people devote their energy most. The categories of activities cover free-time activities, personal development outside profession, professional development, and organisational development. The results of the survey carried out in Slovakia in 2018 show that the most preferable group of activities relates to private life (quality free-time activities, relax and hobbies), but some other interesting findings are revealed as well.